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Innovation from Asia

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who is AsiaInfo

AsiaInfo is an innovative provider of software and IT services to the telecommunications industry.

AisaInfo BSS and OSS systems serve over a billion subscribers globally. Incorporating advanced technologies like Cloud and Big Data, our software enables telecom operators to gain a competitive edge.

Our solutions deliver efficiencies, superior customer experience and next generation monetization capabilities, as well as helping to unify subsidiaries under global operator brands.

AsiaInfo is embracing the new era of the Business Internet, creating internet-based systems and software which will solve the business challenges of the future:
  • Enabling the Business Internet through our innovative BSS/OSS, Big Data, and security software products
  • Guiding the transformation of the telecom industry into the Business Internet era
  • Building an ecosystem to support this transformation, as well as Business Internet opportunities in other vertical markets

At AsiaInfo we have great technology, expertise and experience. We have integrated these into innovative solutions designed to address the complex and diverse opportunities that are open to operators .

The data of AsiaInfo

Having cemented our position as a global player, we will continue bringing innovation from Asia and delivering world-class solutions for a growing base of customers around the world.

900 million

Customer serviced

6 billion

CDRs processed every day

7 petabytes

Data analyzed every day

Products of AsiaInfo

AsiaInfo's business field has expanded from the operator market to many industries such as finance, government, medical treatment, electric power and so on.

Veris Billing

Veris Billing is a fully convergent telecom billing, real-time charging and policy management system.

Veris CRM

As business models in the telecom world have moved from single to multi-channel.

Veris Analytics

Veris BI is a suite of Business Intelligence software products developed specifically for the telecom industry.

Veris O2P

In recent years Over-The-Top (OTT) players have evolved into a major threat to operators

More products

More products, please continue to pay attention to ASIAINFO

Services Of AsiaInfo

Each type of hosting service we provide is further optimized with unique performance tweaks

AsiaInfo’s transformation approach is based on our belief that business should drive IT and not vice versa. Achieving the right level of balance between business requirements and standardization through IT makes a successful transformation project.

AsiaInfo’s Business Consulting Services unit specifically performs business process related projects. The results of these business design activities are a prerequisite input to the IT implementation. We have the experience, processes and tools to produce the IT and process architectures that can enable your organization to meet your future vision and milestones.

AsiaInfo’s transformation approach is based on our belief that business should drive IT and not vice versa.

Having the right IT strategy is crucial to the success of any telecoms business. Your IT strategy must lay out a roadmap to establish the systems, infrastructure and services necessary for the business to achieve its objectives.

AsiaInfo's IT Planning services provide all the support you need to develop your IT strategy, and test them against industry best practice.

Each type of hosting service we provide is further optimized with unique performance tweaks

We provide quick and easy deployment and configuration of customers' servers, networks, hardware, software, inventory tracking, automated server, maintenance tools, remote support, system branding and more.

Our managed services are designed to ensure maximum uptime, relieving your IT staff from the day-to-day maintenance of your hosted environment. Our services can be delivered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, by certified technical support staff

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