Our Industry Association

We recognize the value of working collaboratively in the telecommunications industry. With this conviction, we have developed associations with key industry forums including the TM Forum and NGMN.

TM Forum

TM Forum is a non-profit industry body of 65,000 stakeholders from organizations across the globe. It establishes initiatives that are geared towards understanding industry challenges and opportunities and working collaboratively to develop solutions, while also proposing frameworks for standardization.

One of these initiatives is to establish work groups under short-term Catalyst Projects which strive to create solutions for critical operational and systems challenges. AsiaInfo has participated in a number of these projects, including a recent multi-party digital services Catalyst, where we were given the "Greatest Adoption of Frameworx" award.

The 'Open Ecosystem' Catalyst Project

AsiaInfo is participating in a TM Forum 2016 Catalyst, Open Ecosystem, which is being led by China Mobile.

The aim of the Catalyst is to design an open, streamlined and cost-effective eco-system for China Mobile and its partners. The operator wants to offer automatic on-boarding of products (devices, usage packages, bundles) to online shopping channels e.g. JD.com. They also want to be able to expose Big Data analysis results to their partners.

The Catalyst team is currently at the first stage of the process, which involves identifying and exposing suitable TM Forum APIs for customer management, product catalogue, product ordering, customer care and settlement.

For more details of this Catalyst project, click here.

'The ABCs of Multi-Party Digital Services' Catalyst Project

Continuing the tradition of showcasing the revolutionary innovations we are bringing from Asia, at the TM Forum’s Digital Disruption 2013 event in California we demonstrated a solution which is already helping Chinese operators to collaborate more effectively with Digital Service Providers, and which we will be bringing to Western markets soon.

As part of the Catalyst project ‘The ABCs of Multi-Party Digital Services’ we demonstrated how our new solution brings to life Telco-OTT partnerships. This is a topic of increasing importance in the industry as traditional service revenues decline. We showed how Telcos can add value to traditional communication products by converging them with OTT offerings, and displayed how the solution dismantles the walls built around Telcos' valuable IT capabilities.

Not only did we excite several visitors with the innovation in the cross-vertical digital services domain, we also bagged the "Greatest Adoption of Frameworx" award. Receiving the award, Xin (Tristan) Zhang, Director of Product Marketing at AsiaInfo, said:“Five parties got together to deliver three scenarios so we could really demonstrate multi-party services and we did it in a five week period. The journey starts right here.”

Cloud Mobility Catalyst Project

TM Forum's members came together to address the technological needs dictated by transformations in working practices. Under the Cloud Mobility Catalyst project, members aim to provide a new architecture that offers world class, multi-channel enterprise computing, communication and collaboration services. Mobile operators have a key role in enabling the vision, both through their access networks and their IT systems.

China Mobile recognized the dynamics of the 21st century workplace, and identified their own Corporate Account managers as the ideal stakeholder group for deploying these technologies. With the help of AsiaInfo acting as a strategic IT systems provider, China Mobile has implemented a Workplace as a Service (WPaaS) approach, enabling more effective business development towards their corporate customers.


In their words the NGMN Alliance is "a forum to share, assess, and drive aspects of mobile broadband technologies focusing on LTE & EPC and its evolution. The NGMN Alliance complements and supports the work within standardization bodies and industry fora by providing a coherent view of what the operator community is going to require for successful deployment and in order to deliver mobile broadband technology quickly and cost-effectively and serve the benefits of the end-user."

AsiaInfo has been a proud sponsor of the NGMN Alliance. We leverage this platform to deliver innovation in areas associated with mobile broadband technologies focusing on LTE & EPC (Evolved Packet Core). It provides our engineers a coherent view of the current and future operational and commercial needs of telecommunication operators deploying and upgrading mobile broadband networks and services. Such an understanding strengthens the foundation for our product innovation.

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