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As business models in the telecom world have moved from single to multi-channel, a lot of complexity and manual processes have been added to the environment. Omni-channel is the answer to reduce the complexity and provide a streamlined process to deliver better CRM and significant savings to the business.

Omni-channel means delivering a consistent, accurate service to customers whether their enquiry starts in-store, online, over the phone, via email, social media or through an operator-branded self-help app. The purchasing channels become transparent - for example, a transaction could begin online and be completed in-store as part of a continuous process.

An omni-channel customer experience can only be fully achieved through a fundamental IT transformation to next generation CRM architectures. In the past, different channels often used different IT systems with different user interfaces, different workflow, and different data.

AsiaInfo’s SVT Architecture™ maintains a Single Version of the Truth; all channels share the same workflow and data, so for example a customer’s order and another’s trouble ticket can be started in one channel and completed in another.

Customers expect an omni-channel experience, including social media channels. Veris CRM's true omni-channel architecture not only supports traditional channels, but also enables social apps and other new channels to be connected to the same business process logic and data, thereby meeting the demands of today and preparing you for the future.

Omni-Channel CRM

However the customer chooses to interact with the operator, Veris CRM provides a seamless experience across both digital and physical channels. This not only improves the overall customer experience by providing a consistent and complementary interaction but also enables the operator to provide unified campaign and service launches across channels, improving operational efficiency.

As the number of interaction channels increases it becomes imperative that the same customer data is available to all agents whether dealing with a customer online or physically in-store. Veris CRM provides this single 360° view showing all customer interactions on an aggregated level across all channels, including social networks.

Business Case

A 360° customer view makes sense, and we all understand the conceptual benefits associated with an integrated omni-channel approach. But there is a lack of quantitative information on the benefits and challenges.

We were interested in understanding the actual business case for implementing a next generation omni-channel CRM solution i.e. the quantitative impact on an operator's bottom line.

We asked independent consultants, Northstream, to research the OPEX impact to Western European operators, and quantify those benefits.

They concluded that the potential OPEX savings for Western European operators are between $1.7 billion and $4.6 billion annually.

Key benefits include:

  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Unified campaign and service launches across channels
  • Call center offload
  • Back office streamlining and automation

(The research also revealed that omni-channel capabilities have a positive impact on sales, but we have left the revenue impact analysis for a future study.)

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