Business Consulting

Business Consulting

AsiaInfo’s transformation approach is based on our belief that business should drive IT and not vice versa. Achieving the right level of balance between business requirements and standardization through IT makes a successful transformation project.

As a software vendor for packaged business software, AsiaInfo believes that our ability to support our customers in creating, optimizing and maintaining their business processes is as important as our expertise in software engineering. We have therefore built our Veris software suite, our project implementation tools & methodologies as well as our organization and people’s skills to offer our customers the best possible support to achieve their business goals with our software.

AsiaInfo’s Business Consulting Services unit specifically performs business process related projects. The results of these business design activities are a prerequisite input to the IT implementation. We have the experience, processes and tools to produce the IT and process architectures that can enable your organization to meet your future vision and milestones.

Our Methodology

AsiaInfo has over two decades of experience in creating shared IT environments for multiple business units (BU) within an operator group, as well as for multiple brands, MVNOs or departments within a BU. We have packaged our experience into a methodology we call – Business Process Harmonization (BPH). BPH deploys a methodical approach to identifying business scenarios, defining a common business process framework, and eventually designs the future processes that can deliver on the operator’s business vision.

Our Tools

AsiaInfo’s Veris solution comes with an inbuilt visual environment for configuring business processes formulated through BPH. This tool is called the AppEngine. It provides the operators with the ability to rapidly design business processes and logic through simple configuration of business flows via a ‘drag-and-drop’ interface.

Our Experience

We have encapsulated our learnings and best practices from over 100 BSS projects across four continents, into a Business Process Framework for operators. We call this Framework SOP (short for Standard Operating Processes). AsiaInfo’s SOP was further standardised by extending and implementing TM Forum’s business process framework (eTOM).

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