System Integration

System Integration

AsiaInfo's expert resources deploy industry best practices in designing, coding and implementing solutions.

We provide tailored services to meet our customers' business and technical needs. We follow a well-tested approach based on our extensive integration experience. We ensure that system integration assignments are completed within the shortest possible periods, including scenarios where there are very large volumes of data that need to be migrated. All through the process our priority is quality.

Our consultants are trained to use best practices learned from expert architects so we can deliver industry-leading solutions.

With a wealth of proven expertise, we are uniquely positioned to understand our customers, their products as well as strategies, allowing us to solve the most complex integration challenges for customers:

  • Architecture of B2B Solutions
  • System Upgrades & Deployment
  • Data Transformation
  • Performance Testing
  • Performance Analysis and Capability Planning
  • Customer Training

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