BSS Centralization

BSS Centralization

Operators often work across multiple regions or countries, or as part of a large Telecom Group. Standardizing and/or centralizing Business Support Systems (BSS) across the Group is often desired by many operators as a way of achieving cost efficiencies, brand consistency and improved time-to-market, but this has often proved difficult to achieve in practice. There’s either a lack of business case, of proven technology, or resistance to restrict flexibility of local Opcos to respond to their own market conditions.

AsiaInfo has had great success with centralized, private cloud deployments of our Veris™ BSS systems using multi-tenancy so local business requirements can be met.

We have helped both China Mobile and China Unicom to move parts of their BSS into the cloud for access by multiple provinces, each with its own local requirements. The move to cloud-based technology platforms has not only improved time-to-market and achieved operational efficiencies, but has also saved substantial CAPEX through deployment on inexpensive and scalable blade servers rather than traditional Unix platforms (saving 80% on hardware costs for one province’s CRM system).

The same approach can be replicated in other parts of the world. Our experience in China – the world’s largest market for smartphones and Internet users – is directly applicable to other developed regions. For example, the need to respond to cultural diversity in local markets from Beijing to Kashgar is at least as great as it is across a large European Group operator, and the scale of each of the 31 individual provincial operations in China is much bigger than most European Opcos (for example, China Mobile has 60 million subscribers in Zhejiang province alone).

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