Veris Agile Core

Veris Agile Core

Veris Agile Core offers operators tailored BSS solutions using our Veris BSS suite, that is designed to meet unique requirements, and circumstances typically encountered in complex and diverse operating models.

This includes the following flexibility:

  • Modular options from our Veris BSS Suite;
    Designed to fill gaps or holes in legacy solutions to meet evolving industry requirements

  • Customised platform with dedicated roadmap features;
    Extensions to our Veris BSS suite to deliver unique features and capabilities for specialist business units

  • Licensing and financing flexibility;
    Various commercial models to meet custom financing strategies for the adoption of Veris BSS

  • Datacenter management;
    Full infrastructure deployment, operational maintenance and resource management, typically on-premise or local

  • Tailored deployment models;
    Deployment flexibility to support sophisticated migration, roll-out and operational integration encountered in highly mature and complex environments

  • Non-Telco verticals;
    Support for non-telecom BSS capabilities in heterogeneous businesses and global enterprises

AsiaInfo has extensive experience in supporting tailored projects across Europe and Asia that today supports over 1 billion subscribers.

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